• Disseminate a work model committed to sustainable development.
  • Promote projects that strengthen values and issues that may benefit future society. We believe that “we have not inherited the land of our ancestors, but rather we have borrowed it from our children”.
  • Contribute to the preservation of the Basque cultural heritage and its manifestations.


  • Fomentar la investigación en temas relacionados con el desarrollo sostenible, la gastron
  • Training and education to ensure the sustainability of culinary activity.
  • Promote research on issues related to sustainable development, cuisine, food, health, and creativity.
  • Encourage coordination between public and private entities.
  • Encourage and actively promote innovation and its dissemination.
  • Promote collaboration and awareness in areas that are relevant to society.
  • Include fine arts, culture, and creativity exercises in all areas.
  • Generate cooperation networks and encourage good practices.
  • Become a reference in the dissemination of values ​​in terms of sustainable development, education, training, and cultural heritage, with a special emphasis on Basque cuisine as part of the processes of reflection carried out by organizations in administration, the private sector, universities, think tanks, etc.


  • Support training for young people and professionals.
  • Proactive search and attitude for the promotion of sustainable development, as well as the respectful use of the territory and its resources.
  • Commitment and responsible cooperation for society and with society.
  • Empirical research and innovation.